Text Size and Trim Information

Book Sizes

Standard finished hardcover and paper back genealogy book sizes are available in the following sizes (width x height):

  • 8.5 x 11- Most popular hardcover and paper back size
  • 7 x 10
  • 6 x 9
  • 5.5 x 8.5

Other options you have for standard books are cloth cover with custom foil stamping or typestamping, printed graphic cover, dust jacket, stand or gloss paper and head and tail bands

Books with sizes or options other than this would be considered non-standard book and require a custom quote. Contact .

What paper choices do I have for my text?

We offer three standard paper options for your text printing. They are:

  • 60# White
  • 60# Vanilla (natural)
  • 80# Gloss

These are the most popular paper used for books and all three are available with hardcover books. Also only 60# white and vanilla can be used for paper back. Gloss is not available for paperback books.

Types of paper other than this would be considered custom or non-standard and you would need to contact customer service to discuss or request a quote using the special paper you want. Keep in mind that the finished size of the paper and and if portrait or landscape (oblong) can effect the book cost.

Spine Thickness

All hardcover books with a text thickness of 3/8” (approx 160-180 pages) or more will be adhesive bound. The text for almost all genealogy books are at least 1/2” thick or more.

Any book that, after printing the text, has a text thickness of 3/8” or less, will be side sewn. Side sewing is a very durable binding method for thin books in which the text blocks are sewn together approximately 1/2” into the text blocks. Almost all genealogy books are 1/2” in thickness or more. The more information you have, the thicker the book will be.

File Formats

See information about submitting print ready PDF files and other file formats at which file formats we can accept. This area will help you with questions on creating PDF files, embedding fonts, photos and graphics and other information you may need.

Trim Information

Keep in mind that the above sizes are the finished sizes of the book. If you are getting hardcover books, the final size of the trimmed text will be approximately 1/8” smaller on the top, bottom and outside than the finished book sizes above. For instance, an 8.5 x 11 finished book would have a text block size of 8 3/8” x 10 3/4”. If you are planning on pages with bleed, see our information on bleeds to help you layout the pages.

Foil Stamping & Type Stamping

If the cover of your book is cloth cover you can choose to have a custom design foil stamped in gold or silver on the cover, spine or both, or, you can have your cover and spine type stamped in 18pt or 14pt Record Gothic.

Although type stamping can be done at no additional cost, the look of foil stamping on a cloth book creates a feel and a look that is special to only your book. Foil stamping costs extra and the cost is based on the number of books you are ordering and the size or area on the cover you will be foil stamping. Costs are based on the sizes on the cover. The sizes are:

  1. Up to 2"x 2"
  2. Up to 3" x 4"
  3. Up to 5" x 7"
  4. Up to 7" x 10"
  5. Up to 8.5" x 11"
If you are getting custom foil stamped covers, you will be prompted on either the order or quote screen to choose the dimensions under which your design size would be. The cost will be included in your quote for stamping and dies based on the size you specify.

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